DREAM WEDDINGS is devoted to inspiring couples in a way that surpasses the mere superficial. It is our belief that a wedding celebration should be about much more than what is seen, it should also be about what is felt. We aim to share art and education that sincerely speak to couples, enabling them to throw a celebration that shows the true beauty of their coming together.

In the wedding industry, lovely things are always being produced and we want to share those lovely things! We utilize web, print and TV to do this because we want to reach as many people as possible through whatever medium resonates with them.

Our blog is a place where a reader of any style can go to be inspired. Knowing that dreams come in all forms, we promote three completely different styles of inspiration. Whether it’s real weddings, engagement sessions, anniversary shoots or even styled shoots, there is so much to browse.

Currently, the magazine is produced quarterly. Keeping with the theme that different styles speak to different couples, we share a curated collection of real weddings in print, each with a different look and feel. We also dedicate part of the publication to styled inspiration and educate our readers on attaining their dream look with partnering artists for this.

The television show was designed to inspire brides in the northeast region of the United States. Since DREAM WEDDINGS is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the show is aired on WGAL, an affiliate of NBC. Each episode follows a couple as they style and plan their day so that viewers can watch as the process unfolds.

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