Your wedding is the time for you to get creative. Have you always dreamt of getting married in the town where you met your fiancé? Do you want your wedding bouquet to feature the flowers that he gave you on your first date? It’s time to lay all of those ideas out on the table.

If you and your fiancé love an idea enough, there’s no way that the guests won’t also fall in love with it at your wedding. Just remember—the best way to make your wedding unique is to incorporate personal elements into the styling, theme, entertainment, etc.

The décor at your wedding should display something meaningful to you and your fiancé. It could subtly include a detail that even the guests don’t realize the meaning behind. Did a ladybug land on your shoulder when you first kissed? If something like this is significant and you want to include it in your wedding décor, go for it! With so many design options available to you, there’s no reason that you can’t incorporate the things that mean a lot.

Ceremonies can follow the standard format but every aspect of them can also be customized. This includes the vows, music, what the officiant says in order to “marry” you, etc.

There are five segments of music you’ll include in your ceremony: The prelude, the pre-processional, the processional, the bride’s song and the recessional. Many couples choose their own unique music for each, so get inspired. What were you listening to while you were getting ready for the first date? What was playing while you were driving to the place you got engaged? Think through the times that meant something to you as a couple and mindfully select pieces that will really enhance the emotion and energy of your wedding ceremony.

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding so while it’s typical that you have them, your personal choices should be meaningful to you and your fiancé. Some brides choose to replicate the bouquet that their mother carried on their wedding day. Some also choose to include the favorite flowers of their late family members as homage to what those people meant in their lives. If a flower has a special meaning to you, speak to your florist about including it in your bouquet and/or centerpieces.

When deciding what nuances to include in your wedding attire and décor, it’s enchanting to know that as long as it looks and sounds like a wedding, there’s really nothing you CAN’T do.

Some couples decide to go with strong themes, like a shared interest in an artist, film, pop culture icon or holiday. Your guests will love the exciting and refreshing experience of your unique wedding and you’ll be surrounded by the things you love.

When it comes to planning your reception, the sky is truly the limit. You’ll be working with your vendors to ensure that all the right things happen at the right times. If there’s a certain order to how you want things done, it’s their job to make it happen. This includes traditions that are particularly meaningful to you or just things you saw online and decided you wanted to celebrate on your day.

Some couples like to break up the order of events at their reception in order to keep things fun and interesting. Games, special dances (such as the dollar dance) and unique announcements are all great ways to keep your guests from getting bored.

You can also have nontraditional decoration items such as a table commemorating loved ones who couldn’t be in attendance, a corner filled with important memories from your relationship or a fun “guestbook” that isn’t even a book at all.

Your wedding can either be as traditional or unique as you want. By choosing unique and personal style, music, decorations, etc., you can make sure that all of your guests know that this day is all about YOU. For your 20-year anniversary, you’re going to want to look back on this day and say, “That was SO US.”



Image by Creative Interpretations Photography