Mimi Mua

Lancaster, PA

Mimi Marie is a Pro Branded Makeup Artist & Skin Care Expert for The Estée Lauder Cosmetics Company. Daily, she uses her expertise to provide her clients with expert Skin Analysis and Consultations to correct any skin concerns.

Mimi Marie received her CLINIQUE certification by completing their three-tiered dermatology course – earning her lab coat and Consultancy Badge.

Book a personalized skincare and makeover consultation today! Consultations include advice on how to improve your appearance, and how to accentuate your best features using the right cosmetics for you.

Or book a private makeup lesson with Mimi Marie to learn how to create every day, evening, and special occasion looks. Learn contouring techniques, eyebrow shaping, color matching, bridal makeup, and more with Mimi Marie!

“The reason why I became a makeup artist was to empower women! Passionately using my artistry to help them see the beauty in themselves.”

When Mimi Marie creates a new look or teaches a client, she is working toward helping you achieve an overall improved appearance. By adequately evaluating, enhancing, and upgrading your behavior and communication skills, she ensures that her clients’ image is consistent with their personal or professional goals.

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