Vicky Papageorgiou Skincare & Lashes

York, PA

No matter your age, gender, skin tone or ethnicity the products I offer can help you to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin. As a skincare and lashes specialist, I love that I am able to help people live better in their skin and become more empowered in their lives. When my Customers ask me how they can achieve clearer, more radiant-looking skin, I tell them that the secret to great-looking skin is Multi-Med Therapy®, using the right ingredients in the right formulations, and applying them in the right order. From their cleansers to their sunscreens, all products are specially formulated to complement each other. I have seen with my own eyes the powerful effects of these products. And I always look forward to seeing and celebrating their results.

As a newly engaged couple, you can begin to transform your skin right now! You will love the way you look after trying out the products I offer.

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