Beats and Focus

Lancaster, PA

Hello, Lovebirds – meet our team below!


I’m Rachel, head photographer for Beats and Focus. I think my mom was the catalyst in my understanding of the Importance of photographs. As an infant, my walls were a collage of pictures of people and art. As a child, books on ‘the most influential’ and ‘world-changing’ photos were strewn about the house. Since then, photography has become my language and form of self-expression. It is the language I use to depict your story, to capture your genuine interactions, and to preserve your emotions, and I love it. No matter how many weddings our team does, I still wake up like a kid on Christmas, excited to create art, and capture memories for couples in love, and I feel honored to do so.

If you’d like to get to know us more, check out our website! We know how expensive a wedding can be, so we offer discounts if you book us for any additional service. We also know life can be chaotic. For that, we provide online consultations, digital contracts, and payment options.

We reside in Lancaster, Pa, but we also like to travel!

Thanks, and congratulations on your romance!


I’m Matt Shenk, chief DJ for Beats and Focus. There’s nothing like a fantastic party, and your wedding day will be one of the most fabulous parties ever! We will make your day extraordinary by fully customizing the vibe, music, and MC choices so that you can relax, enjoy each other, and enjoy time with your guests. We also provide state-of-the-art sound and your selection of music for your wedding ceremony. We’ll plan the cues and attend your rehearsal so that everything transpires with precision on your wedding day. Couples frequently remark that their experience with us was above their expectations, and we LOVE to hear that.

We know life can be busy, so we will provide you with online consultations and planning sessions, online contracts, and also offer discounts when you combine our services. Our team is caring and talented, and we would love to do business with you. Check out our website and get to know us! Thank you, and congratulations on your love!


Someone said “Yes!” Woooo! Congratulations!

Videos are an excellent keepsake of a once in a lifetime event, and a way to preserve emotion and capture genuine interactions on the day you say, “I do.” They are a great way to relive many magic moments.

Our videographer/cinematographer, Star, is a director and a producer. He has experience working with clients ranging from small business owners to multi-million dollar corporations. He’s an amazing artist and professional who relishes his work.  He will provide you with a video that is compelling, emotional, and that documents your experience in a way nothing else can!

Our team offers online consultations and digital contracts because we know how chaotic life can be. We also know how expensive weddings are, so we offer discounts if you book us for any additional services, and we offer different payment options and plans.

We reside in Lancaster, PA, but we also love to travel. Please check out our website and get to know us. We are people who love people and we love peoples’ love. Thank you for reading, and congratulations on your romance!

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