Your wedding day should be something you can look back on for generations to come and a cinematographer can do just that for you. If you want to tell a story, represent something, and make people feel emotion through video, only cinematography can do that justice. The difference between cinematography and videography is that cinematography conveys a message through video, emphasizing the special life event at hand. It allows you to utilize three of your five senses; touch, sight and hearing. It is a glimpse of what you want to remember from your special day. You only live that one day, once.

For me, this is a lifelong investment. it is the only vendor you will use that can offer you a chance to relive that moment 20, 30, even 100 years into the future. The lights are off, the cake is cut and the flowers have since died, but cinematography brings everything back to life. Reminiscing with loved ones for generations to come. In the long run, investing in a cinematographer today, will equate to less than a penny a day throughout your lifetime for something that will last forever.

To get some insight on what to expect from a cinematographer, we had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin Rist of Kevin Rist Productions and asked him about how he views cinematography, as well as what to expect from a cinematographer.


Question: How long are your wedding videos?

KR: We contract up to 6-minutes, but can often exceed that depending on the soundtracks selected to illustrate the day.

Question: What are your prices?

KR: Our current packages range from $3,000-$4,000 for full day coverage.

Question: When is the turn around for my wedding video?

KR: 16-weeks from the event for first draft delivery. Second and third draft delivery is calculated at receipt of revisions since the labor time varies for the amount and complexity of revisions requested.

Question: Do you travel?

KR: Absolutely! Travel fees are done at-cost, or $0.50/mile if by car. We have traveled as far as the Philippines and west coast U.S.

Question: How many cinematographers come in a package?

KR: Normally, just one if your timeline allows it. If we can manage having one less lens in your face throughout the day, we’re able to allow you to enjoy the day without a crowd of photo and video people surrounding you like paparazzi. In many cases, we’ll still bring a second shooter at most if your timeline calls for one to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Question: Why only highlight videos and not full-feature?

KR: A highlight video is meant to be viewed at a moment’s notice, something you can pull up quickly and relive the experience right then and there. A full-feature video that lasts up to 45-minutes or more is only meant to be viewed once or twice a year. Each one is filmed in a very different way, where the latter requires a constant presence of your camera operator throughout the day. Highlight videos allow us to be a “fly-on-the-wall” while still capturing your day as it happened.

Question: What sets you apart from other cinematographers?

KR: Our attention to detail is where it all matters. Not just in the detail of your décor, but especially in the relationships between your family and friends. Those small moments often have the biggest impact, so we make it a point to ask about those who will be attending.


I recommend sitting down with your videographer and establishing a budget. Know how many videographers will be there, discuss pricing, but please please please hire one! Remember, videographers are different from what they were 40 years ago. There are no bright lights in your face, a bunch of setup, or even wasting time to get the focus just right. Today’s cinematographers are there to make your life as easy as possible, while also capturing as much as possible. You will see your Dream Wedding in a different perspective and get a glimpse of moments you missed.

Below is just a look at what Kevin Rist Productions can do for your Dream Wedding.