Gift giving is a big part of any wedding. It’s customary for guests to bring gifts for the newlyweds and many couples decide to choose a favor to present to guests at their reception. But how awesome would you feel if you turned your big day into something that benefited a meaningful cause?


Not every couple goes into their wedding with the same living situation, resources or vision. Couples that already live together and have all of the household items they need may not want to ask for household goods as gifts from their guests. There are many reasons why a couple may choose not to have their guests bring gifts.

However, many guests feel that gift giving is an important part of going to a wedding—after all, you are planning and hosting them for a full day of entertainment.

If you and your fiancé have a cause that means a lot to you both, your wedding provides a great opportunity to support this cause. Instead of accepting gifts for yourselves, allow guests donate to the cause of your choice! There are charming ways of doing this at your reception and even incorporating the organization into the event!


You’ve probably seen the darling wedding idea where bridesmaids carry shelter puppies instead of flowers. At weddings like this, guests are given the opportunity to meet puppies in need and even adopt them after the wedding! This is just one way of incorporating a meaningful cause into your wedding.


Another fun way to accept donations for your cause is through the “dollar dance.” You’ve heard of this—where the bride and groom wait on the dance floor and they’ll let anyone dance with them as long as they pay-up. Traditionally, this is just a fun way for newlyweds to fund their honeymoon but you could also announce that all money collected this way will be donated to your cause.


Many couples choose favors to present to guests as a thank-you for coming. These are usually fun little gifts that somehow commemorate the night or the couple. However, if not chosen well, these favors can take up space and get thrown out by guests after the fact. Wedding guests aren’t necessarily expecting to get a favor so this is a great opportunity to make a small donation on behalf of your wedding and instead of placing a favor on the reception tables, you could print a card saying “A donation was made to our favorite cause in your name.” Your guests will be happy and you’ll avoid the stress of purchasing and personalizing a wedding favor. Everybody wins.

If you and your fiancé feel “set” for your new life together, consider turning your wedding into a charity event! You’ll make a difference in someone else’s life and have fun while you do it.