Wedding favors are a special way of sending your guests home with a little something to say “thanks for spending my special day with me!” There are tons of options to choose from when you pick your perfect favor, so give some thought to what will make your guests happiest! Just in case you aren’t sure what direction you want to go with your favors, here are some ideas for you!


Nothing says “destination wedding” like a favor featuring the local flavors! Consider offering local honey, jams, or oils to your guests as a way of saying “take some of the local flavor with you!”



Keep in mind that your guests have been drinking and dancing all night, so they might be dehydrated and feeling head-achy. Consider offering them a bottle of water and some Advil, just in case! They’ll be thanking you!


Ever go to a wedding and end up with a favor you just didn’t want? Well, there’s a great way to avoid making the same mistake when you choose your wedding favor. By picking a useful household item like a printed box of matches, or even a tin of mints! They’ll appreciate your forethought when they need to light a fire or pop a mint before an important meeting!



Food is a great wedding favor because your guests may be hungry again by the time they leave. Donut walls are becoming a big trend, and what better way to send off your guests than a donut they chose from a wall, wrapped in a personalized paper sleeve? Not only do they get to choose a flavor they love, but they get to enjoy the added charm of the personalized sleeve.


There’s one thing that will likely always be a hit for a wedding favor—things that guests can use when they’re drinking! That includes personalized glasses, wine savers, and coasters! These are useful items that will let your guests think about you every time they use them!


Featured in the article cover image are also some wildflower seeds for guests to spread in their yard after they leave the wedding! The creative possibilities are truly endless.