Your wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life, which is why it’s vital to be in your best condition. Of course, that’s easier said than done, because it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the stress of planning the ceremony and reception, especially for the bride who likes every single detail to be perfect.

To help you out, follow these tips to ensure that you stay holistically healthy for your wedding.


Your food choices might make or break your energy levels on the days leading up to the wedding. Take your partner along your journey to a better you as the first of many that you’ll embark on as a team. Make nutritious home-cooked meals and steer clear of processed food that are high in sodium because they tend to make you bloated.

Shape Magazine suggests eating oatmeal or any fiber-rich breakfast for enough fuel without feeling too heavy. Eating well and hydrating will give you a light and energetic feeling as well as help you maintain your figure so you fit into your dress seamlessly on the big day.


Of course, a healthy diet should be balanced with regular physical activity. The engagement period is the perfect time to transform yourself into a fit and healthy individual who is ready to take on the stresses of planning a wedding.

Business Times reports that Pilates is a great exercise to incorporate in your regular routine, as it targets long lean muscles for conditioning. Mix it up with your choice of cardio such as running, boxing, or swimming and remember that the road to fitness is best taken with a partner to cheer you on.


According to researchers, beauty rest may not just be an old wives’ tale. A study shared by the BBC shows that people who get quality sleep are favored by strangers than sleep-deprived individuals. In your sleep, skin produces collagen that prevents you from getting wrinkles over time. 7 to 9 hours of good rest increases blood flow to your face which gives it a rosy look as well as reduce the swelling around your eyes, thus giving you a healthy bridal glow. You can even enhance this glow with a dermaplanning session, a painless method of exfoliation that we previously recommended to make your skin shine.


Because planning may leave you drained, it’s important for couples to rejuvenate with a much-needed pampering session. A massage is an excellent way to break you away from the pressures of preparing the perfect wedding and getting one from your significant other makes it more intimate and tender. In addition to stress relief, Foxy Bingo explains that taking turns at giving massages strengthens your bond as a couple, due to your non-verbal connection through touch. Your massage skills and techniques are even handy for when you’re already married and your partner needs to wind down from a long day at work.


Although trips are normally taken after the wedding, it is never a bad idea to take a few days off before the big event. Brides are more involved in wedding preparation while grooms generally stay out of the way. While this is an ideal arrangement for many couples, it can take a toll on both individuals. A romantic pre-wedding mini trip is the perfect opportunity to reconnect, rejuvenate, and soak up the last few days of your engagement before you finally look each other in the eyes and say, “I do.”