Having healthy skin is one of the best ways to look and feel your very best—especially when all eyes and even camera lenses will be on you! That’s why so many brides and grooms work with dermatologists and skincare specialists prior to their big day.

Vicky Papageorgiou works with brides and grooms in the central Pennsylvania area to have them looking their healthiest and best on their wedding day. She uses five unique treatments which help with specific skin care issues, and swears by these nationally recognized skincare treatments! They’re by a company called Rodan + Fields, and are the company’s Multi-Med Therapy treatments.

Redefine is known for improving the appearance of facial lines, pores, and loss of firmness.

Unblemished works to reduce acne, blemishes, and breakouts.

Soothe improves the look and feel of sensitive skin.

There are two unique types of the Reverse treatment. Reverse Lightening smoothes the appearance of dark facial marks, patches, and age spots. Reverse Brightening does as the name would suggest—brightens dull skin, as well as improving the appearance of discoloration and uneven skin tone.

In addition to these five amazing treatments, Vicky also implements a Lash Boost serum, which extends your natural lashes over time WITHOUT the use of false eyelashes. So, that means you can have beautiful, long lashes for your wedding without using any glue!

When Vicky works with brides and grooms, she suggests meeting and starting the treatments 60-90 days before the wedding. If used daily, the products should have effects lasting anywhere from 2-3 months. She also suggests exfoliating and using moisturizer in addition to her treatments.

And if you’re a man and are hesitant to take part in skin care treatments, it’s important for you to know that Rodan + Fields works very well on both women and men, and all skin tones and textures! And even if you decide to try this easy skin care regimen and decide it isn’t for you, Vicky promises a 60 day cash back guarantee.

When it comes down to it, you should do whatever you feel comfortable with to prepare for your wedding day. You may not have considered it yet, but now that we have your attention, it’s important for you to know that having healthy skin is a must for you to look your best on your wedding day! Implementing treatments like these is an easy way for you to look and feel amazing.

If you’d like to read more information about Vicky and her skin care treatments, go to her landing page!

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