It’s no secret that in order to have the healthiest skin year-round, you’ll need to adapt your skincare regimen to the weather. We spoke to professional aestheticians April Kauffman, Jennifer Kauffman, and Lana Green of the Center for Cosmetic Dermatology about their skincare recommendations as we move into spring weather.


Spring weather can be unpredictable…warm and balmy one day, then cold and windy the next. It can wreak havoc on the skin! April advises her patients to wait until at least May, when the humidity has returned, to make the change to their lighter textured gels and lotions. She also keeps a close eye on the weather. A cold windy day calls for a heavier moisturizer, while a warmer pleasant day spent outdoors calls for a lighter moisturizer and SPF50.


Don’t let today’s sunburn be next year’s brown spots, or worse, skin cancer! It’s easy to forget SPF on a warm day, especially if you are not accustomed to a daily application. So start using it every day—today! Jennifer recommends SPF30 of higher every day. She loves the eltaMD UV Clear SPF46, and the tinted eltaMD UV Elements SPF 44. Be sure to wait 8 minutes after applying SPF before you apply any makeup. Your SPF needs that time to create a bond to your skin for better protection. Applying makeup too soon reduces the efficacy of your SPF. Lana’s choice is ColoreScience Sunforgettable SPF 30. It’s a tinted sunscreen powder that is great for sensitive skin and touchups on the go.


Don’t get caught with pale winter skin on those warmer spring days. Start using your self-tanner now to get the look of lightly sun-kissed skin. Lana loves Beauty by Earth’s Self Tanner. It smells like a tropical vacation, contains lots of organic ingredients, and does not dry out the skin. Plus, it’s a nice boost to banish dull grey skin.


Consider applying a pale bronze or peach blush to perk up weary winter skin. Dust it on your cheeks, forehead, bridge of nose, and chin. April recommends Flawless PureBlush from Jane Iredale. It adds structure and warmth to the face without looking like a tan. Jennifer loves Sangria PureGloss lip gloss for a bronzy peach sparkle for your lips. For darker skin tones, Lana recommends Mojave Pressed mineral Bronzer from ColoreScience. It’s a beautiful cool-toned bronzer with a touch of shimmer. These colors are perfect for the end of winter and beginning of spring!

When it comes to having the healthiest, most beautiful-looking skin possible, it’s important to listen to the pros! If you’re interested in using the amazing products recommended by these talented ladies, contact the Center for Cosmetic Dermatology. Your skin will thank you!