We sat down with Maggie King from Makeup the Beauty Studio to find out what she recommends you keep close-by to ensure you look your best throughout the entire day and are prepared for any beauty issues that may arise.

​“Really, you could go crazy here but you don’t have to. It’s just always good to be prepared. So I suggest that all of my brides (and anyone else interested in maintaining their look throughout the day) carry these essentials of keep them close-by and easily accessible.” Maggie King


​If your powder doesn’t come with a little puff, this is something you’ll want to have to be able to powder your face. Rather than rubbing or sweeping, gently press across the skin to keep makeup looking fresh.


​These are great for quick and gentle shine touch ups and they’re super easy to use during the wedding day. You can get these at most drug stores and they come in easy to store packs.


​“I’m pretty particular about which powders I use on clients. My go-to is KETT Sett Powder and Givenchy Prism Libre. These powders can be used on every skin tone and they’re wonderful for both setting the foundation & touch ups.” Maggie King

PRO TIP! Avoid powders with SPF in them. They can sometimes be too reflective and you end up with flash-back in your photos.


Obvious necessities, these are great to have in your touch up bag for happy tears.

​5. LIPS

​Rather than wearing only lipstick, use lip liner all over the lip and lip stain for staying power and minimal touch ups!


​You probably already know why these are important to have. Trust me, you’ll be thankful they’re on-hand if a curl comes loose!


​Your makeup artist will apply your false lashes during your bridal application but it’s definitely smart to keep extra glue on-hand int he event that part or all of your lashes peel or fall off. If others in your wedding party want to touch up their lashes, make sure to have disposables for hygiene reasons.


​This is a must in any bride’s beauty touch up bag. You can always check to make sure you look great. Bonus points for a cute or personal mirror and score! Include them in your bridesmaids gifts.


Image by Justin Tearney