Bridal bouquets come in many styles and shapes, and there are so many ways to make yours unique. We’ve been seeing a trend of incorporating non-floral elements in these bouquets, such as succulents, and even vegetables! The options are truly endless. However, for the sake of keeping you as informed as possible, we’re going to go over the different styles of bridal bouquet.


This cascading bouquet is a huge trend! These flowers are arranged into a beautiful, flowing bouquet that pours down like a waterfall from the bride’s hands.

Lisa Foster Floral Design


This bride looks like she just won a beauty pageant! Combine elements of the cascade and hand-tied bouquets for a unique look.

Cinzia Bruschini


​The pomander is a very unique style of bouquet! Shake up your special day with a bouquet that you can let hang from your arm.

Chris and Kristen Photography


This adorable posy-style bouquet perfectly accents the bride without detracting or distracting from her look.

Christina McNeill Photography


These flowers are loosely tied for a gorgeous, delicate look.

 Lindsey Mueller Photography