Congratulations! You’re getting married!

Wedding decisions are typically spearheaded by the bride, but that doesn’t mean that grooms are completely off the hook. We’ve put together a list of items that you can take over to help your bride in the planning process. We know that you likely aren’t as concerned with the tiny design details, but the design details aren’t everything! You’ll really impress your bride if you offer to help with these following things.


You two are probably collaborating on the type of music you’d like for the wedding. Once you’ve arrived at a consensus there, you can start researching different local DJs, or even bands that can play live music at your wedding.


We don’t know the relationship you have with your fiancé, but it’s reasonable to assume that you’re the more knowledgeable party when it comes to cars. Where a bride may choose whatever is readily available, you might know more about cars that would get the job done in a more unique, stylish way.


Deciding what to eat will likely be a combined effort, much like other aspects of wedding planning. However, when choosing what foods will be featured at your wedding, it’s important that you have a voice! Go with your bride to meetings with possible caterers, and make sure that you also agree with the dinner items that end up on the final menu. Unlike dress fittings and meetings with wedding designers, these meetings feature tastings—so that’s a big plus for you.


When it comes to creating an agreeable seating chart for your half of the guests, you are much more qualified to seat your family. You’ve grown up with these people around, so you know whom they will get along with during the reception. You’ll still need to collaborate on the final draft of the seating chart, but handling your part of the guest list will certainly make things easier for the bride.


No one knows these men better than you, so it makes sense that you would be tasked with choosing the thank-you gift they’ll get from you two. Some grooms choose alcohol for a gift, or a customized beer koozy. But it really comes down to whatever you think they will enjoy most. When you do the shopping for your groomsmens’ gifts, you’re going to be helping your bride, but also ultimately ensuring that they end up with something truly personal.

There’s no set list of what the bride and groom should do, respectively, so if you are free to make decisions as to how you’re going to tackle the planning process. We just know that some grooms can tend to feel unsure how to help in this process, so we thought we’d provide some ideas.