Tomorrow, you marry the love of your life—but tonight, you get to enjoy your last night as a single man. Whether your ideal bachelor party involves the typical forms of entertainment, or you just feel like doing something unique to you, the choice is yours. However, there are a few rules that you absolutely must follow.

So, to help you have the best night of your single life—as well as avoid wedding day drama and potentially compromising situations—we’ve put together a list of the do’s and don’ts of planning your bachelor party. Here we go!

DO: Listen to the bride. Chances are, you’ve already made arrangements regarding preferred etiquette the night of your bachelor party. If she doesn’t want your night to involve strippers, you should absolutely take her feelings into consideration. If you feel that your party wouldn’t be complete without them, discuss a compromise in an effort to achieve an arrangement that makes everyone happy. When you both agree to ground rules, make sure that the whole group—especially the best man—knows that these rules are not to be broken.

DO: Arrange safe transportation before going out. Do you plan to take taxis, a limo, party bus or Uber the night of your party? Maybe one of your groomsmen has graciously offered to be the designated driver and get your party safely from place to place. If this is the case, make sure that no one offers him drinks or otherwise coerces him into drinking, so as to avoid putting your entire group in danger. If you’ve decided to use Uber, set a designated person to arrange the rides throughout the night. Whatever type of transportation suits you, just make sure you plan ahead and can get home safely.

DO: Make plans that will result in great memories. Not every bachelor party is the same and if you and your friends would rather go hiking than clubbing, you totally should! No one says your bachelor party has to be a night out at the bar. Conversely, if you’d love nothing more than to stay out until last call with your best friends, that decision is yours to make.

DO NOT: Put yourself in unnecessary danger. Whenever alcohol is involved, there is a risk of someone getting hurt. Keeping this in mind, don’t take on risky dares or climb up to the top of a roof “for fun.” Chances are, you didn’t get your suit fitted to accommodate a cast, so no injuries! Additionally, no good bachelor party story involves sitting in the emergency room.

DO NOT: Use phrases such as “last night of freedom” when regarding your bachelor party. Your fiancée will feel hurt and you want to avoid giving the impression that you don’t really want to be getting married. While this IS your last night as a single man and your fiancée wants you to enjoy yourself, try not to imply that marriage will be the end of your fun. That’s just rude bro!

DO NOT: Let your best man hijack your party. If you want to have a low-key get together, no one should try to force you to go out to a club. Since you’re the one they’re celebrating, you should absolutely be the one to call the shots—or lack thereof. That being said, be willing to pay for some of the fun. While your party has likely gathered up some money to make the night easier on your wallet, you shouldn’t expect that they pay everything in full. At the very least, if you have specific expectations of things you do for this night, offer to chip in for some of it so you don’t come off as presumptuous.


When it comes to your bachelor party, you obviously want to have a good time. Your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life but your bachelor party should forever be associated with fun memories as well. That being said, you’ll want to confidently tell your wife all about the fun you had with your groomsmen. In other words, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to tell her about.

Just remember to be respectful, responsible and be in control of your last night of single life. You’re diving into an exciting new chapter of your life and you deserve to end this one with a bang.

Image by Whitcomb Photography