Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so it’s important to dress the part. However, for a moment, think of your wedding day as Halloween and you’re wearing a matching costume with your bride.

If she were dressing as Minnie Mouse, you wouldn’t want to show up in a Donald Duck outfit. Similarly, you should coordinate your outfits for the wedding day.

There are so many styles of wedding gown for your bride to choose and whether you like it or not, your style depends largely on hers. Remember, she’s been planning this day in her mind since she was little and it’s your job, because you love her so much, to ensure her dreams become a reality. And trust us when we say you’ll feel silly if you’re over or under dressed for your own bride.

For an outdoor or barn wedding, you might not want to wear a tuxedo or even a suit at all. You may find that khaki dress-slacks with suspenders over a loose-fitting cotton shirt with rolled-up sleeves is the most comfortable and fitting option. The choice is entirely up to you and your bride.

All of that being said, your bride is going to accessorize with jewelry, shoes, hair and makeup to match her attire, so you can do your part to accessorize as well—in your own way.

When choosing a suit or tuxedo, pick a pocket square that sets you apart but still matches and fits the color scheme of your wedding. You have—with the permission of your bride—say over what type of tie you’d like to wear, whether you like bow ties or the traditional, straight neck tie.

Whether or not you’d typically describe yourself as someone who is into fashion, this is your time to get creative and find a look that makes both of you happy.

In addition to your attire, you’ll want to consider how you’ll want your hair to look on the wedding day. Maybe you don’t usually think about it. Maybe you’re the “wake up and run a comb over your head” kind of guy but you can save that mentality for after the wedding. This is far too important to leave your coif up to a standard combing.

When it comes down to it, all of this is a conversation between you and your bride. You’ll be wearing your wedding attire all day so you’ll want to be comfortable. When choosing your unified attire, be sure to take that into consideration.

By this point, your relationship should consist of well-coordinated communication between the two of you and the conversation about wedding day attire should be a piece of cake. So, when you’re looking through catalogue after catalogue, remember this: unity, accessories, hair and comfort. You’ll do great!


Image by Justin Tearney