We’ve all been there. You grow up seeing perfect fairytale weddings in princess movies, it’s no wonder why so many girls have been dreaming of their wedding since adolescence.

By the time these girls are old enough to get married, they’re tired of waiting to make their dream wedding happen! So, they tend to do some pretty strange things to “hint” that they want to get engaged.

“That’s such a pretty ring!”

In some cases, she may be simply admiring a beautiful ring. However, if your girlfriend mentions a ring she finds pretty (and you intend to eventually propose to her) you’d better take notes! It’s likely that she’s hinting and helping you out just in case you decide to propose later down the line.

Mention whenever a Facebook friend gets engaged

As soon as the winter holidays hit, Facebook becomes littered with pictures of engagements. For many girls, this provides an outstanding opportunity to mention marriage on a near-daily basis. It’s simply up to their partner to take the hint from “ugh, another friend got engaged today!”

Leave wedding info around

When wedding magazines start appearing all over the house, or her internet browser is accidentally left open to a wedding board on Pinterest, it might be time to accept that she’s hinting at something.

“Wouldn’t that be a great venue for a wedding?”

If a girl is mentioning the venues she thinks are great for a wedding ceremony, chances are, she’s picturing herself standing there in a white gown. The fact of the matter is that only people who want to get married pay attention to details like that.

“My friend is really good at wedding photography!”

Not only is this a hint, but your girlfriend wants you to know that she’s looking out for your finances by considering hiring a friend! It’s a good idea to respond with a little more than “that’s nice, honey.”

Listen to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce on repeat

The song has been out since 2008, so there’s little chance that she’s just discovering the hit single for the first time. If your girlfriend walks around the house singing “if you like it then you should have put a ring on it,” maybe you should take it as a suggestion.

Talk about the long-term

Girls may try any combination of these methods, but the best way they hint their intentions to their partners is by talking about their long-term future. Not only is this a responsible conversation to have, but it can be a great way to settle any doubt either party may have about the long-term plans for the relationship. If one of you isn’t the marrying type, it’s probably important information to share!

When it comes down to it, the engagement will happen when both parties are ready for it. It’s alright to not be ready for that commitment (or expense) but that doesn’t mean she won’t pester you about it. Just be patient and communicative about your feelings, and try not to roll your eyes too much!