Your engagement photo shoot will be one of the most important photo shoots of your life. You’ll be looking at these photos for years to come, so you’ll want them to be perfect.

We’ve all seen the hilarious slideshows of the “worst engagement photo shoots” on social media. Likely, you’ll want to avoid ending up in these, so we’ve prepared a quick guide on how to get the very best engagement photos possible.


We’re lucky to live in an age where social media is chock full of information and photos. Most photographers have either digital galleries, or they post their work to Instagram. This provides you a great opportunity to really look into many different photographers and see their unique shooting styles, and knowing what mood or style you’re looking for will be helpful in narrowing down your choices.

This should go without saying, but finding the right photographer is about more than just enjoying their photography style. In order to get the best photos, you’ll need to have a comfortable relationship with your photographer. If you don’t connect well at the initial meeting, you should keep looking! Many photographers offer free consultations, so meet with as many as you need to find one that is perfect for you.

This connection is especially important if you’re inexperienced or uncomfortable being in front of a camera. The right photographer can help you come out of your shell, should they need to. Your engagement shoot should be fun, so you’re tasked with finding a talented professional that will make it a great experience for you.


Great photography is all about location. Even the most photogenic subjects will look bad if they clash with their location, so you’ll want to pick a place that will work with the theme you’re going for.

Off the top of your head, you can probably think of several great, beautiful places for an engagement photo shoot. However, like choosing a photographer, finding your perfect location is a multi-faceted decision. In addition, the location you choose should be meaningful to both you and your partner.

Your engagement shoot tells the story that led to your engagement and eventual marriage, so consider places that have history in your relationship. Places you visited on dates are great!

Many couples don’t consider having engagement photos taken inside of their home, but this is one way to get comfortable photos that are relevant to your relationship. These type of in-home shoots can lead to some very heartfelt, raw photos that are truly meaningful.


You’ve already taken two great steps toward feeling comfortable and happy during your photo shoot.

We know, you want to look your very best in these important photos. However, in order to do that, choose outfits that FEEL as awesome as they look.

You know what feels good to wear, so we can’t tell you what styles are best for you. But if you aren’t sure if you’ve picked the right outfit, give it a test run by trying it on and moving around! Make sure you’re comfortable in a variety of positions, and that you can walk and move without being restricted too much. Test out the poses you intend to use in your shoot, as well as a few that the photographer could suggest the day of.


Your engagement photos can be either as standard or detailed as you’d like, and ultimately, it’s up to you and your photographer to make that call.

Some couples decide to use props to add another level of flair and uniqueness to their photos. Musical instruments, pets, or meaningful items make great additions to engagement photos.

In addition, many couples decide to make hand-written signs with poems, their wedding date, or cute messages about their relationship. This is a fun way to make your engagement photos extra unique, and can be useful for communicating information (like your wedding date) on social media! Get creative!

What’s most important for your engagement shoot is that you have fun. You’re going to look at these photos in adoration for years to come, so you might as well have as much fun with it as you can!