Girls, you’re likely going to relate to this. At some point in your relationship, your left ring finger will start to metaphorically itch, and you’ll find yourself wishing there were an engagement ring there! Even if your engagement is a ways out, it’s never too soon to start dreaming of what you want.

If you’re the type of person who’s picky about the jewelry they wear, you likely already have some ideas about they type of ring you’d like for your engagement. We’re aware that many people don’t get to choose the rings they’re given when they get engaged, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to subtly hint at styles and colors you like.


A way to convey the ring styles you prefer is by wearing them! Of course, we don’t expect you to go out and buy an expensive ring in order to drop a hint, but wearing a similar cut or color to the engagement ring you want is a great way to tell your partner, “hey, I really like this style.” As a bonus, your sudden interest in rings might be what your partner needs to remind them that proposing is a good, welcomed option.


If there are certain ring styles that you adore—or detest—you can find subtle ways to inform your partner. If someone on your social media apps got engaged and you have a strong opinion about their ring, in either direction, it’s up to you whether or not you’d like to casually bring it up to your partner.

Obviously, try to be as subtle as possible, especially if you don’t want to freak them out. However, if they’re already considering popping the question, they will likely appreciate the guidance with choosing the perfect ring. The last thing either of you want is to end up with an expensive investment that isn’t all that either of you hoped for.


If you’d rather not leave it up to chance, you can find other ways to tell your partner EXACTLY what ring you’d like. Leave magazines and jewelry websites open to the rings you like, and they’ll probably get the hint.

If you aren’t the type to read magazines, or your partner doesn’t look at the webpages you leave open on your personal devices, sign up for mailing lists to jewelers, and you’ll inconspicuously receive promotional materials in the mail! It doesn’t have to come to espionage, but we’re just trying to provide options for you.


If your partner is particularly traditional, they are likely already planning to ask your family prior to proposing. You can drop hints like “my mom/sister knows me so well. She always knows what jewelry to get me.” Hopefully, they get the idea, and part of the process of asking permission to marry you includes utilizing their insider knowledge to find the perfect ring. Now, it’s up to you to tell them exactly the styles you like JUST IN CASE your partner plans to propose at some point.


If you’re willing to be a little bit forward, you can bring up the idea of going to a jewelry store together. It can be as causal and spontaneous as walking through a shopping mall and saying, “let’s go in here.” Not only is this an opportunity to drop some helpful hints, but it’s fun to look at all of the beautiful jewelry in person.

Some couples visit a jewelry store and pick out a ring together! That doesn’t mean that an engagement is coming immediately, but it’s a practical way for the couple to ensure that they find the perfect ring that works for both parties’ expectations. The proposal can still be a surprise, but choosing a ring together ensures that everyone will be pleased.

However your engagement comes about, we hope it’s everything you’re dreaming it will be.