Whether you’re quick to pick up on things or not, it’s possible to predict whether your partner is planning to propose. There are signs that can seriously give them away, even if they’re trying to keep it a secret.

Holidays are very popular times to propose, and lots of engagements happen over the four following days: Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. If your partner starts acting funny around any of these special holidays, it’s okay to get suspicious.

We know you’d never SPY on your partner, but if they start doing some of the following things, they may be getting ready to pop the question.


If you’re suspecting that they’ll propose, you’ve likely discussed the topic on some level. Throughout your relationship, you two may occasionally have dropped comments like “if/when we’re married,” or “I’d love it if I got proposed to at _____.” If these conversations stop suddenly, or even if your family members stop asking you “when it will happen,” that may be a sign that it’s going to happen soon!


The last thing your partner wants is to get you a ring that doesn’t fit. So, if you notice a ring missing from your jewelry collection, they may have swiped it in order to figure out your ring size! Unless you really like stirring the pot, we wouldn’t suggest mentioning it to your partner.


If your partner is typically a big spender, it shouldn’t be difficult to notice if they cut back on spending to try saving for a ring. Around the holidays, it’s possible to misread the intentions behind their frugality, but it’s still a pretty good clue, especially in combination with other clues.


Every couple is different. If you and your partner are home bodies, it’ll seem very out-of-character if they plan a fancy, formal dinner date. It’ll be harder to gauge if you go out to dinner on the regular, but if your partner insists that you wear something very nice, it’s okay to have your suspicions.

Even if you totally suspect that you’re getting proposed to, it’s so important to act surprised when they do! Your partner has been planning this for a while, and your reaction will be very important to them. If they’re extra industrious, they will have hired a photographer or cinematographer to capture the moment they pop the question—so your reaction should seem authentic. You can decide whether to tell them about your suspicions later on!

Whether you’re right in your suspicions or not, we hope your engagement happens at just the right moment. Everyone will tell you that it’s more fun if it’s a surprise, and that’s probably the case. If your partner is sneaky, their impending proposal won’t affect their actions enough to get them noticed. We just wanted to provide you with the signs, in case you were the sleuthing type!