Without a doubt, proposing to that special someone can be one of the most nerve-wracking events in a person’s life—and rightfully so! When you propose to your loved one, you’re creating the story that you’ll tell friends, family, and future children for years to come. No pressure, but there’s a lot riding on this.

When you propose, it’s important to think about all of the details. You need to choose a ring that they’ll love, hire or enlist the help you’ll need to capture the moment in photo or video, decide on a setting that will be story-worthy, and manage to keep it a secret until the right time!

The where and when are important details to consider when planning a proposal! If you find yourself unsure how to choose the perfect setting to propose, then keep reading.


Holidays are a very popular time to get engaged. If your partner has a favorite holiday, it makes a lot of sense to propose during that holiday celebration! Planning an amazing proposal will only add to the magic of that holiday. An already joyous occasion is the perfect setting for a proposal.


You’ll want to think about what your partner might wish for their proposal. Are they very close to their family? Or maybe they have a best friend who is the first person they call with big news? It might make sense for these important people to be present when you pop the question! That way, the important people in their life can be part of this special moment. Just be careful—the more people who know about the surprise, the harder it will be to keep it that way!


If your partner is the type of person who hates dressing up, then it makes sense to propose in a setting where they can wear clothing that makes them comfortable! The last thing you want is for their memory of the proposal to be the discomfort of their dressy heels. Likewise, if your partner hates the cold, don’t propose outside in cold weather. More important than having a picturesque or beautiful setting is having a setting that makes your partner comfortable. These are the things that they will remember and appreciate years down the line.


Depending on what type of proposal you’re going for, you have the option to choose a setting that is familiar to you and your partner, or one that is brand new. Obviously, there are different implications with both!

If you’re going for a setting that is familiar, you’re likely choosing a place that is meaningful or comfortable for you two. On the flip side, choosing a new place to pop the question means that you are creating a very happy memory of this place for the very first time!

Take all of these things into consideration when choosing the setting for your proposal—you’re going to be great!