Getting engaged is truly thrilling. You just made the initial commitment to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life. The excitement of getting engaged typically leads directly into the wedding planning process and often, couples forget to stop, breathe and enjoy the season of engagement itself. It’s the age old, “enjoy the journey because you’ll reach the destination soon enough” issue. Here are some ways to slow down and memorialize your time as an engaged couple.

​Firstly, there’s absolutely no reason to drive like a mad couple to the altar. Select a wedding date that allows you ample time to prepare so that you can enjoy making each decision that will go into the wedding. If possible, hire your wedding planner first thing. Let him or her organize your entire planning process so that you can simply do the fun parts. With time and structure, you will truly decrease the stress, avoid potential relationship-scarring fights and have a fun planning process.

​Next, don’t skip on the engagement photos! Absolutely take the time to style and plan an engagement session with a professional photographer. (We emphasize PROFESSIONAL here. Now is not the time to have your sister snap a few iPhone photos of you. You’re better than that!) If possible, use the same photographer that you select to shoot your wedding. This allows you to feel what it will be like to work with him or her prior to the big day so you can relax in front of the lens. These photos also add to the story of your life together and are such a sweet reminder of the whirlwind of excitement you’re feeling as you prepare for your wedding day.

​Grooms: Take it one step further and secure the photographer for the engagement itself. Whether you’re planning to propose in an intimate setting or with a large gathering of friends and family as witnesses, how amazing would it be to remember the tears, laughter and joy of when she says yes!

​In our fast-paced society, it gets far too easy to blow right by the moments that will make our life whole. Don’t wish you “would have.” Stop. Breathe. Enjoy & make only the best memories.


Image by Justin Tearney