You’ve checked and double-checked that you have everything together for your big day—we know. However, you want to ensure that you have all of the necessary items you and your wedding party might need while you’re getting dressed and ready for the wedding! We’ve put together a list of important items that will make your wedding party as prepared and comfortable as possible.

You may find it easiest to put together a basket of these items, just in case your wedding party needs them.


Tensions are likely going to be pretty high, and the men especially will be wearing many layers of potentially hot clothing. Make sure you have plenty of water available so that no one gets dehydrated or sick—especially considering that some of the wedding party members may be drinking alcohol during the festivities planned for the day.


It doesn’t have to be anything too heavy, but be sure you have a snack for your wedding party should anyone get hungry while they get ready. Something with some “get up and go” power, like protein, is always a good idea. That means nuts, meats, or cheeses.


It’s amazing what you can fix with a hot glue gun or superglue. Not to mention any tearing that may be fixed with safety pins! Not that you should plan to have any mishaps, but you’ll want to be prepared should any occur. Consider this your “emergency kit!”


You’ll want to provide these for your bridesmaids, just in case! Remember that your wedding party has a lot on their mind, just like you, and some things may have been forgotten at home. To ensure that everyone is feeling comfortable throughout the day, consider getting some of these for your “just in case” basket.


With emotions rampant, you’ll want to have some tissues around. Non-waterproof mascara has a tendency to run, and the last thing you want is black streaks down your face. Everyone will want the opportunity to wipe their eyes and nose, should emotions get the best of them!