At this point, you’re probably already aware that your wedding planning journey may not necessarily be smooth sailing. Don’t fret! That’s why we’re here.

You’ll see on our wedding planning guide, part of the first step includes choosing a date—or rather, multiple dates. It’s important to be flexible with your wedding party and guests, especially if you already have your heart set on a venue. Remember,
most venues can host only one wedding per day and you’re not the only person
getting married this year! You don’t have a date until you have a venue and securing your dream venue can be competitive. So, again, flexibility is key.

If you’re considering getting married during the popular wedding months—April through October—you’ll want to give yourself plenty of options. However, there are several factors you should consider when making this important decision.

With 365 days in the year, you may find yourself experiencing choice paralysis to hone in on the best one for your wedding.That’s why we’re going to help you narrow it down. You can start by considering these 4 things:


As a little girl, what type of wedding dress did you envision yourself wearing? There are many gown styles to choose from but it’s important to go into your wedding planning process with a general idea of what you’re looking to wear. Choose a date that makes sense for that type of dress. (And, conversely, choose a dress that will allow you to be comfortable for the weather on your day!)

If your wedding aesthetic involves tailcoats for the gentlemen, then a summer wedding likely won’t work for you…too much fabric for the heat! And if your heart is set on a summer wedding but you still want this formal type of style, DO make sure that you can book a venue that has an indoor space with air conditioning!

In addition to wedding attire, think about the colors and general aesthetic you’re planning. Some color schemes won’t work too well with the naturally warm composition of fall. Others may pair beautifully. Winter tends to be associated with cooler color schemes, summer with rich, bold colors and spring works beautifully with soft pastels. No matter what season you choose, think of the predominant colors around you when you plan your design.


As romantic as a major holiday wedding may seem, you need to consider that your guests could very likely already have plans. It’s impossible to accommodate every single guest, but choosing a non-holiday for your wedding date is a safe way to ensure that your guests don’t have prior engagements. Remember—your wedding won’t be any fun if no one is there to celebrate with you!

Chances are, you have family traditions or holiday plans with your significant other. We all do! You wouldn’t want to choose between those plans and attending someone’s wedding, so try not to force others to make that choice.

Also do you really want a major holiday to forever be associated with your anniversary? It’s something to consider. On the one hand, it would be difficult for either of you to forget your anniversary. On the other, it may be just as difficult to find time to celebrate it with everything else happening that day.

That being said, we’re not trying to scold you or tell you what to do. If you’ve always dreamt of tying the knot on Christmas Day, then go for it. Ultimately, your wedding date is a decision between you and your fiancé. Just make sure that your expectations match reality.


If you’re planning a destination wedding in an exotic place or you have family travelling from far away, consider a time of year when plane tickets are less expensive. In the U.S, travel is LEAST expensive in September, but MOST expensive in both March and June. By reading up before setting the date, you can save your loved ones some money and ensure that everyone can come out for your big day.

Also, by avoiding holidays such as the Fourth of July and other driving-heavy days, you can save your guests a lot of frustration from time spent in traffic.

Another way you can help your guests, as well as yourself, is by planning in advance. This will give you and your loved ones ample time to find the best accommodations for travel and lodging, should it be necessary. In other words, don’t spring a wedding date on people only one month in advance!


You’ll be celebrating the date of your wedding every year for the rest of your lives, so it’s important to pick something perfect for you. If you want to choose a quirky date such as 9-19-19, then go for it!

Just give your guests plenty of time to take off work if need be and make sure that you can schedule vendors in the middle of the week. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a “fun” wedding date in the middle of the week but be prepared for some guests to be absent…and don’t take offense to it if they are.


Whether you want to get married in a specific season, on a holiday, or even on a weekday, your happiness is what matters most. You’re going to marry your perfect spouse and you deserve the perfect date. As long as the bride and groom are present, that’s what matters most. Your wedding is exactly that—yours. You’re 100% confident that your spouse is “the one” for you and you’ll know when you’ve found that with your wedding date too!