There are two types of people in the world—those who are organized, and those who aren’t. Under normal circumstances, it doesn’t really matter which you are! But when you’re planning a wedding, organization is crucial to make sure that nothing important is overlooked.

You’re charged with keeping track of tons of information like business cards and brochures, the notes you jot down at your meetings with vendors, and all of the receipts and contracts for the vendors you decide to hire. If you want to keep these items from becoming a messy pile of paper—or worse, getting tossed out by accident—you’ll want to make a system of organization.

For many brides, that system involves a big three-ring binder and lots of tab dividers. If a wedding planning binder sounds like the right thing for you, keep reading! Here’s all you’ll need to make your Dream Wedding planning binder!


You’ll need, of course, a binder. You can get as big or fancy of a binder as you’d like, but we recommend that you choose one that’s at least an inch and a half thick. Trust us, the information and paperwork really does stack up!

In addition to the binder, you’ll need lots of tab dividers to keep your information organized. You can have as many or few as you think you need, but we recommend having the following tabs.

  • Checklists (You can download ours here!)
  • Budget
  • Guest List
  • Vendor Information (business cards and info you’ve collected)
  • Ceremony Information
  • Reception Information
  • Design Ideas
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Receipts


You’ll also probably want a three-hole punch for any full-size papers that aren’t punched, and clear binder sleeves for any little pieces of paper or cards.

After you’ve put together all of the pieces to your perfect wedding planning binder, you can use it as a valuable tool in your planning process.

Instead of making notes in your phone or scribbling down on a sticky note, haveloose paperat the back of your binder and take notes during your meetings with vendors!


Even after the wedding, you can still make use of your binder. Consider making an extra tab for information regarding the gifts you received at the reception, and any gift receipts for duplicate or unwanted gifts! You’ll want to keep a list of what everyone gave you, as well as who to send a thank-you card.

You want to have the best, most stress-free wedding you can, and organization is the first step to doing so! Create a system that works for you, and stick with it—you’ll thank yourself later.