As you plan your Dream Wedding, it’s important that you have it just the way you want! This is a very special day, and an event that you’ll only get to experience once. For that reason, you want it to be as fun and comfortable for you as possible. But, it’s also important to consider the comfort of your guests.

If you’ve ever been to a wedding where you were uncomfortable, you can probably still recall why that was. It should go without saying, but keep those reasons in mind, and try to avoid creating a similar issue at your own wedding. But, just in case, we’ve created a short list of things you can do to ensure that your guests have a wonderful, comfortable time.


The worst thing you can do is pick a venue that doesn’t suit the needs of your reception. When you visit possible reception venues, be sure to ask about the optimal group size for the space. If you have a group of 150, don’t choose a venue where the max occupancy is 150. This will require the tables to be placed close together, and guests will have a difficult time moving about the reception. In addition, you’ll want to choose a venue that allows for a large dance floor big enough to accommodate your guests. After all, no one likes feeling cramped, especially when they’re trying to bust a move!


When you plan out your seating chart, be vigilant about seating your guests in groups that are likely to get along well. This means that you’ll want to place guests at tables filled with people similar to their age. Place family with family, and friends with friends. Keep all of your college friends together, and if you have stragglers that don’t know your other guests, try to place them at a table where they’ll be able to make conversation. Also, if you have guests without a date, you don’t have to play matchmaker! Just be careful not to put them at a table filled with couples. The most important thing is to think hard about where you place your guests.


Once you’ve come up with the perfect seating chart for your reception, it’s important that you convey this to your guests in a way that is easy for them to understand. There are tons of seating chart ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, so use them as inspiration for your own unique seating chart. But be sure to display it in a way that guests can quickly find their seating placement and move on. You don’t want your guests to get confused or spend too much time in front of the chart and create a long line.


Not every wedding is child-friendly. If you decide to ask parents to keep their kids at home, that’s just fine. However, if you decide to allow children at your wedding, make sure that there’s some kind of entertainment for them, or even childcare! Some outdoor weddings have a special tent where kids can go to play while the adult guests enjoy the reception. If you don’t have the space or funds for childcare, consider having a basket of coloring/activity books and crayons for the kids to use. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but both the children and their parents will be happier if they have something to entertain them.


It’s simply a fact that many people have specific dietary limitations. Gluten intolerance, food allergies, or vegan diets are relatively commonplace at this point. The last think you want is for one of your guests to go hungry because of dietary limitations.

A way to ensure that guests are able to convey their dietary needs is by including meal options on the RSVP card. Even if you’re only offering one entrée option, you should include a line for guests to write down any food allergies they have. This way, you can convey this information to the caterer and keep this person from having a dangerous allergic reaction.


When you meet with your DJ, you’ll be able to set the mood for your wedding playlist. You won’t be able to choose every song, as part of the DJ’s job is to read the room and use their discretion to play music to fit the tone. (As in, they’ll be playing lighter music during dinner and more exciting music when the dance floor is open.) If you have your heart set on playing a certain genre during the reception, you can! You just need to keep in mind that many guests are there to dance, and won’t feel comfortable dancing if the music is too niche. So, if you want the DJ to play your chosen genre during the dinner hour, they’ll still be able to play the dance hits when the floor is open.


Depending on your reception venue, you may not have a ton of options when it comes to the type of seating. We’re aware of this, so we’ve come up with another option to give your guests a comfortable place to sit during the evening.

Create a lounge area! Renting a few comfortable seating options such as couches or love seats will give guests a place to relax and talk to other guests that aren’t seated at their table. Consider setting this area in a remote area of the venue that is a bit removed from the dance floor and speakers, and you will have created a nice area that is sure to keep your guests comfortable.

Follow these tips, and you’ll have a reception filled with happy, comfortable guests!