Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about millenials and the way they’re interacting with the world. One of the many things that research has found is that above all other generations, millenials see their pets as their “children” and even refrain from having children of their own! So, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to include their beloved pets in their wedding day.


Your pet can play an important role in your ceremony and walk down the aisle as a flower girl or ring bearer. If you don’t have a child to play these roles, this can be a darling way to include your dog in the ceremony. If you can teach your pet to carry a basket or bouquet of flowers, or even tie the rings around their neck with a ribbon, they’re sure to make an adorable addition to your special day. You can train the dog to walk down the aisle by themselves, or even to walk with the assistance of a member of your wedding party. Either way, you’re sure to get an “awww” from your guests.


Anyone can post a sign to direct guests to their seats, but how cute would it be if your pet helped out with this? If your dog is particularly well-behaved, you can make a small sign to hang around their neck and tell guests where to go for the ceremony, explain the seating, or even just say “welcome!”


Some couples have special dances with their children—and believe it or not, couples dance with their dogs too! Since pets are such a beloved part of our families, it seems natural to include them in such a tradition as the first dance. If your dog is particularly small, that makes it easier to hold them and dance, but depending on your dog’s size and level of patience, there are several ways to have a special “doggy dance.”


If your dog isn’t even-tempered enough, or if you don’t feel like arranging someone to watch them for the day, you can always include your furry friend in your engagement photos! They could be a charming addition to these important photos, and this is a great way to include them the wedding festivities and celebrate with those who matter so much to you.


Before you decide to include a dog in your wedding, think about the logistics! Will there be someone to take care of them during the day? Are they good with people, specifically all of the ages that will be present at your wedding? Are they easily excitable, or do they get stressed out in large groups of people? These are all things to think about when planning your day.

If you weigh the options and decide to include them, it may be a good idea to let people know that there will be a dog present. Some people have a fear of dogs, or even have allergies to pets, so it is important that they know this before attending.

Whether you decide to include your pets in your big day or not, we hope that everything goes perfectly for your Dream Wedding.

Image by Ashley Gerrity Photography