In a society where a large percentage of social interactions happen online, it isn’t surprising that this age of social media is becoming an important part of weddings.

Chances are, you’ve been to a wedding where there was a disposable Kodak camera on every table. Since the newlyweds have their attention so thinly divided on their day, this is a great way to make sure you can still experience what the guests are doing while you mix and mingle.

Some couples even create a “photo scavenger hunt” for tables to complete, often asking them to take photos of them doing silly things during the reception. This is a great way to introduce a bit of fun for your guests. (As an added bonus, it serves as a way to help guests bond, especially if they aren’t previously acquainted!)

However, with having SO many disposable cameras at your wedding, you are burdened with the task of collecting them and developing the film. If you’d still consider using disposable cameras, great! But, luckily, there’s another great option for seeing the many photos that loved ones take at your wedding—a hashtag. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as no one else is using it on Instagram and Twitter. This way, your wedding photos will be separated from the other photos posted on social media.

By using a digital format for guests to post and organize your photos, you can decide which photos you want to keep and print, and you don’t have to find a place to store the ones you don’t. You can still host a scavenger hunt and see the funny photos that your guests come up with!

Photo booths are another popular trend for wedding receptions. These can be a lot of fun for guests, and it gives them a neat takeaway gift from your party.

But, in addition to being very fun, photo booths are also very expensive to rent. Luckily, as you may have guessed, there’s another, less expensive option!

You’ve probably realized that if you swipe right or left in Snapchat, you can set different filters over your photos, based on your location. Geofilters are common in major cities, on college campuses, in businesses and available during special holidays or events. But did you also know that you can create your very own geofilter for your wedding ceremony and reception?!

Designing a Geofilter is as easy as choosing your text and frame on a website. There are lots of unique frames to choose from and you can choose the color, font and text for your Geofilter as well.

In addition to designing your filter, you’ll need to set the location and time that you want it to be available. Pricing is based on the size and location of your designated area, amount of time active and time of the week/year.

In addition to being a fun thing for guests to do at your reception, the digital format gives you the opportunity to see the photos that they take. (Most photo booths only print one copy of the images, so you might not get to see them.)

Saving photos of your wedding doesn’t have to be difficult or cumbersome, thanks to social media. By using hashtags and Geofilters, your guests will have fun and you’ll really enjoy scrolling through photos after your big day—without being “married” to the physical prints.

Image by Creative Interpretations Photography