Throughout your wedding day, all of the eyes will be on you and your new spouse. After all, isn’t that part of the fun of getting married? There will be many moments throughout your ceremony and reception that will be photographed and even videotaped for years of enjoyment and fond memories. One of these moments is your first dance with your new spouse.

For your first dance, you’ll pick a song that is particularly sentimental to both of you, and you’ll dance together as another traditional way of celebrating your marriage. When it comes to the mechanics of the dance, you have a few options to choose from, and you can pick whichever seems the most comfortable for you. Think about you and your partner’s individual dancing skill and how you want your dance to look to your guests, then consider the following options.


Chances are, if you’ve been to high school homecoming or prom, you’ve done a simple slowdance. This is an impromptu dance where you hold your partner and slowly sway from side to side. It’s very easy, and comes naturally to even those who aren’t the best at dancing. It’s not very memorable for those watching, but will still get tons of “aww”s from your guests—plus, it requires little to no preparation for you and your partner.


If you’d like your first dance to be a bit more memorable than a simple slowdance, you might want to consider getting it choreographed! You’ll need to put some money aside to hire a choreographer, and most choreographers ask that you start the process six months in advance. If you have to remember a special dance, you’ll want to give yourself some time to practice it.

If this is your first experience with a choreographed dance, you may struggle a bit with the unique moves your choreographer comes up with. Make sure to practice this dance with your partner a fair bit prior to the wedding, so that it doesn’t look awkward or forced.


A great way for inexperienced dancers to get more comfortable on the dance floor is by taking lessons! Not only is this a wonderful way to make your first dance look perfect and relaxed, but it’s also a fun way to spend some time with your partner. Ballroom dancing lessons are a great place to start, as your first dance choreography will likely incorporate mostly ballroom elements. But if you find that you’d prefer to try another form of dance, you’ll also find that it will help you feel more comfortable with your own abilities, as well as your synchronization with your partner.

We recommend that if you decide to take lessons, you start them several months prior to working with a choreographer, and perhaps during the process of practicing your choreographed first dance. If dancing doesn’t come naturally to you, these lessons can only help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable when you dance in front of your wedding guests on the big day!

We know that you’re neck-deep in the wedding planning process, and that it can be a new challenge for couples planning for the first time. If you decide to “just wing it” with your first dance, that’s perfectly fine! Sometimes, the path of least resistance is easiest for couples. However, dancing lessons are a great way to alleviate stress and ultimately bring you closer to your partner! If you’re interested in first dance choreography or taking lessons, check out The Ballroom on the Square for all of your dancing-related needs! Happy planning!