Congratulations, you just got married! We KNOW you’re anxious to honeymoon but here’s why you shouldn’t leave the day after your wedding.

As romantic as it is to have your guests send you off to the airport in a car adorned with a “just married” sign and trailing aluminum cans, we want you to think about the logistics.


How awkward would it be if you were three days into your honeymoon and you got a text asking “how did you like the blender we got you?” while your wedding gifts sit unopened at your house? Your guests took the time to specially pick out something that you love, so spend the time to open each one before rushing off to your honeymoon. This way, you can organize a list of what each guest gave you to make it easier when you write your thank-you letters later.

Plus, you’ll be more excited to open your gifts the day after, rather than several weeks later. Who really feels like pulling off tape and ribbons while they’re jet-lagged? We don’t!


Think about this: cleanup after any party can be a lot of work and your wedding is the biggest party you’ll ever throw. Take the time to sort through your gifts and decorations so that you don’t have a huge mess to deal with after your perfect honeymoon.


You’ve been on-the-go for the past 24 hours and that would make anyone exhausted. Your chosen destination likely has very comfortable beds but you don’t want to spend your whole first honeymoon day sleeping! You’ll make more of this vacation by starting it after you’ve had time to settle down and rest from your big day. Take this time to rest in the comfort of your home or even a luxurious hotel room and start your honeymoon feeling refreshed.


Can you think of anywhere less romantic than an airport or passenger plane? Unless you’re booked a private jet for you and your spouse, you could end up surrounded by sick coughs, crying babies or unhappy travelers. These things cannot be avoided but you should still take time to celebrate your marriage in a way that doesn’t include the nuisances of travel immediately after dancing the night away till all hours of the morning.


Ultimately, you will enjoy your wedding day more if you aren’t anticipating the new and exciting things you’ll do the next day. Opening gifts and spending down time with your spouse are exciting but thinking about them won’t distract you from the fun events throughout the day of the wedding. You’ll feel more “in the moment,” and chances are, your guests will notice this. They’ve been looking forward to this night too and they want you to be there with them…both physically and mentally.

This is the most exciting time of your life. Spread out the fun and make the most of it. Remember, you’ll only get to do this once, so make sure you don’t blink and miss it all!


Image by Ashley Gerrity Photography