For many couples, planning their wedding is only half of the planning that goes into preparing for their big day—they also have a honeymoon to plan!

Many couples choose to go on a honeymoon that lasts a week to ten days. Perhaps, that’s longer than other vacations you’ve taken with your family or significant other. For a longer trip, that requires lots of planning. Just like the rest of your wedding planning, it isn’t always easy.

That’s why some couples decide to have a mini-moon! It’s a shorter, less involved honeymoon that requires less planning and funds.

We already wrote about a road trip honeymoon in another article, where you only visit places where you can drive in your car. This is similar in that a mini-moon can be a road trip, but that doesn’t mean it has to be!

So why might a mini-moon be right for you?


As we already said, a mini-moon is less expensive because it’s fewer days in a hotel room or resort. Booking nights in a hotel can be very expensive, but you need a place to stay for the entirety of your honeymoon.

In addition, you’ll be able to save money by driving to your destination instead of getting on a plane! With a mini-moon, it’s more common to choose a location nearby. Is there something exciting nearby but JUST out of reach for a typical trip? Go there for your mini-moon!


With fewer days to plan out, you’ll be more relaxed in the months leading up to your mini-moon, as well as during the vacation. You won’t need to stick to a strict itinerary, and can allow yourself to do only the things you want to do or have time for! Allow yourself to just have fun and do what you can, but don’t sweat or feel like you missed out if you didn’t get to do everything. A mini-moon is for spending quality time with your new spouse.


Even though it’s fewer days, you’ll still have time to spend with your new spouse! You just celebrated the happiest day of your life, therefore you deserve some time for the two of you before you go back to your daily routine. Spend a few days in nuptial bliss!

If you only have a few days to celebrate your honeymoon, that’s fine! So many couples are planning mini-moons, and they’re just as happy! When it comes down to it, your honeymoon is truly about the quality time you spend together, not the amount of time you do.