Your wedding day is just one part of the awesome start of your life with your new spouse. You’ve planned out the perfect day to celebrate your marriage with all of your friends and family, but your honeymoon is your opportunity to spend some time celebrating with the person you love most.

There are so many ways to plan and celebrate your honeymoon. Some couples decide to go on an all-inclusive trip where they can relax and enjoy the local accommodations for a week at a time, without having to worry about sticking too closely to an itinerary. If your dream vacation (because, that’s exactly what a honeymoon is) involves lying on the beach and not having to worry about traveling or moving too far away from your beach chair or luxurious hotel room, then perhaps an all-inclusive honeymoon is for you.

However, if you and your new spouse are more of the active, adventurous type of couple, you may enjoy a honeymoon road trip instead!


A road trip is a great way to have an exciting, yet inexpensive honeymoon. You can pick and choose the attractions you want to see, and you don’t just have to stay in a super luxurious hotel. Since you’ll be traveling around, you can pick and choose the places you want to stay, rather than sleeping in the same room for the entire duration of your honeymoon. This gives you an opportunity to see a new city, and a new room every night.


This goes without saying, but by spending your honeymoon traveling by car, you’ll be able to spend a LOT of time with your new spouse. You’ll get to figure out the important things, like your best road trip snacks, and who’s better at navigating. You won’t get this invaluable knowledge if you spend the week in a luxury resort. At times, you won’t have any option except to sit together in the car, and this kind of honeymoon adventure will allow you to figure things out as a team—which will only strengthen your relationship and start your marriage off in a healthy way.


You don’t have to go on a road trip to have an exciting honeymoon where you can travel around and see lots of different places. Of course, you could visit Europe and travel around by plane or train. But, when you plan a honeymoon road trip, you’ll get to see the places that you wouldn’t otherwise get an opportunity to see.

We know that life gets busy, so it’s hard to plan a trip up and down the coast. That’s why a honeymoon is the perfect time. You’ll be able to come up with an itinerary of the places you’d like to stop, and then get to see them without the stress of having to board a plane.

Unlike getting on a plane, you’ll get to spend the travel time enjoying and seeing the scenery, instead of looking at it through a tiny window. If you’re the type to take pictures, you’ll get to stop the car any time and do so. Your friends on social media will appreciate that not every honeymoon photo will be a selfie on the beach.

You’ll get to do more than you would at a luxury resort, because you won’t be confined to the resort and the immediate surrounding area. You’ll be able to say things like “you know, I feel like playing some mini-golf,” and find a place along the way to do so. When traveling is an important part of the experience, the sky is the limit for what you can see and do.

This isn’t to say that a road trip is the only way to have an exciting, amazing honeymoon. There are so many trips you can take, but we wanted to open up your mind to the possibility. When you plan your honeymoon, talk to your significant other about your goals and wishes, and come up with a trip that matches your combined interests. Happy planning!