n today’s wedding industry, trends are coming and going. To make sure we’re up to snuff on what the latest and greatest are, we asked designer Martine Cajas of House of Clarendon to give us a few tips. Getting to know your wedding is getting to know your cake and in today’s society, the cake is everything. Once upon a time, one cake did the trick, now couples are opting for multiple cakes with numerous tiers, decor for royalty and taking flower child to a whole new level. Here are just five of the many popular cake trends.


Geodes are beautiful in their glimmer and form, so the only logical thing to do next would be to have a contemporary geode wedding cake. Marbling fondant to create a stone-like look and layering it to simulate an emerging crystal formations is every bohemian queen’s dream. Kneading multiple colors of fondant and rolling it out, creates the earthy stone look. Delicately painted rose gold edges and exposed, soft, blush icing make for an organic and elegant centerpiece to your celebration.



Whoever said lace is out, has never seen the masterpiece that is a lace embellished cake. Typically done with ivory or white fondant, this classic romantic concoction of both luxury and simplicity will complete your wedding. Whether you want to mimic the pearl inlays on your gown, the veil that has been passed down generations, or even the detail of your tablecloths, this cake will reflect your true vintage style.


Floral elements and blush icing are all the rage in today’s wedding industry. Adding an extra tier to your cake adds height, but adding a tier solely consisting of peonies or your favorite flowers, makes it phenomenal. The fluidity of budding annuals in the bouquets, centerpieces, and cake, makes your special day cohesive and unforgettable. Color blocking your display with a lavish jeweled out gold stand, can create a well-balanced piece of art everyone will be talking about. Velvety pink icing and floral accents are partners in crime and elegance overload.


What better way to say, “I have arrived!” than with gold? Touches of metal accents add a luxurious feel to any wedding. Metallics pop and devise an urban contemporary feel, while setting a standard for other wedding cakes. The use of gleaming color is inspired by David Yurman jewelry and is mimicked by the usage of fondant, a European invention. The fondant is highly impressionable, adding depth and texture to your liking. This opens doors and allows for linens, lighting and flowers in your wedding to entwine into the theme of your cake.



Bringing the outside in, with neutral colors constitutes a simple, yet beautifully constructed cake. The simplest of details can offset character and personality. Your cake is the focal point of your wedding, besides the bride of course, so the use of greenery and raw layers of cake make for a very “down to Earth” piece. Implementing succulents and illustrious floral details balance out the undertones of the nude and ivory colored icing.


With these helpful hints, choosing your wedding cake should make your decision a little less nerve wracking. For as many trends that come and go, your style should also be reflected in your final choice. Forty years ago, pillar cakes were the biggest thing and now we look back and think, why? A white cake with flower details, a golden masterpiece, or fondant embroidered in icing will always be relevant. When it comes to the cake, Cajas says, “It should be timeless.”