There are so many different ways to ensure that their guests are well-fed and happy. In another article, we talked about the different options for serving dinner. With the different options available by your caterer, there are also many different ways to provide your guests with a sweet treat during your reception.

Cutting into a wedding cake is a heartwarming tradition for newlyweds, as well as their guests! It is highly photographed, and these photos are meant to be treasured for years to come.

But still, many couples are deciding to do away with a big wedding cake where every guest gets a piece. Instead, they are deciding to have a small one-tier cake for just the two of them, then cupcakes for the guests. In some cases, couples replace cake with another type of dessert, such as donuts or ice cream. While this has led to some cute trends such as donut walls, it is NOT the same as a slice of wedding cake.

When you think about it, wedding guests spend a lot of money to be a part of your wedding day. Between a gift, travel, possible accommodations, and something to wear, it can get quite expensive. So, it’s not unfair that most wedding guests are expecting to be served a slice of cake.

That being said, if you see unique, non-traditional wedding food trends that you love, there can still be a place for them at your reception in conjunction you’re your traditional wedding cake.


Dessert bars are becoming increasingly popular! This is a table with small desserts such as cookies, brownies, petit fours, cake pops, and candies. Dessert bars allow guests to choose “a little something extra” to have with their slice of cake, and are typically very beautiful to look at! A dessert bar at your reception doesn’t replace the traditional wedding cake, but it will certainly add to the “wow” factor, as well as provide your guests with some unique dessert choices. Some cake bakeries also offer dessert bars, so make sure to ask your baker if this sounds like something you’d like to include in your special day.


A wedding favor is a small gift that the couple offers guests as they leave the reception, or places at their table setting. Generally, it is a small item that is personalized with the couple’s name/monogram, wedding date, and a short message. Most of the time, every guest gets the same favor. However, letting guests choose or customize their own favor is becoming a trend, and it lends itself well to favors that consist of food!

If you’re set on having a donut wall at your reception, then you still can! Also have a stack of customized paper sleeves and serve the donuts as your wedding favor. Be sure to include a cute message like “DONUT leave without a treat” or “Thanks a hole lot!” on this paper sleeve, just to make it that much cuter. Some couples also have bars where guests can put together a small bag or box of candy or trail mix in a similar fashion.


After dancing and celebrating all night, your guests are sure to be hungry. Serving a snack at the end of the night will make sure they have some food to hold them over on the drive home. This is a good time for something like a donut wall, or even snacks like pretzels or popcorn.

A huge trend we’re seeing is a s’mores bar. As your reception is coming to a close, bring out the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Your guests can get cozy around a fire and toast their marshmallows before they leave. That way, they walk away from your reception feeling warm and happy!

When feeding your wedding guests, there really isn’t too much you can’t do. After all, your wedding is a time to get creative and watch your best ideas come to fruition. We just want to make sure that you don’t miss out on the heartwarmingly sweet tradition of having a wedding cake.