​A big trend in wedding cakes is unique textures! These cakes have specially-crafted decorations made of fondant and icing, and are often made to incorporate the style and patterns of the bride’s gown! With a great designer, the options are limitless.


These cakes are perfect for a rustic, earthy wedding. Fresh flowers have always looked great on these organic ethereal cakes, but we’re also seeing trends of succulents! These fresh decorations are perfect paired with stucco-styled icing!

Another huge trend we’re seeing in rustic wedding cakes is the naked or semi-naked cake. While this style is fitting for organic, rustic weddings, we advise against it! Naked cakes can be very difficult to cut, and also tend to be dry, due to the fact there is no icing or fondant to maintain the moisture of the cake.


These cakes have very clean edges for a modern look. We’re seeing glitter and brushed metallic gold on more urban contemporary wedding cakes than ever before, and it’s easy to see why. This extra shimmer really adds to the overall look of the wedding cake.