If you’ve watched the movie, “Steel Magnolias”, you will recall a cake shaped like an armadillo. This classic scene introduced many Americans to the largely southern wedding tradition called a groom’s cake. Groom’s cakes have come a long way since the 1989 film, and, nowadays, will feature many different flavors and designs.

Get to know more about this heartwarming tradition—maybe you’ll even consider featuring a groom’s cake at your dream wedding!


As you are likely aware, weddings are very formal and often ‘girly’ events. The decisions are usually made or, at least, overseen by the bride. That means that the décor and, by extension, the cake are very posh and beautiful.

With so many decisions being made by the bride, there aren’t many wedding decisions made according to the groom’s liking. The cake is typically lighter colors, featuring flavors that will be agreeable to most guests.

Because of this, many brides order a special cake that is their groom’s favorite flavor, decorated in a way that he perhaps would have chosen for himself. Many brides get these cakes adorned with their groom’s favorite sports team’s logo, or choose a theme based off of their favorite movie, book, or video game. (Think, if your groom loves something, it’s likely a good cake decoration theme!) Some brides choose to play up the ‘manly’ theme with traditionally manly elements such as cars, cigars, or the outdoors.

While “Steel Magnolias” inspired the tradition of a red velvet groom’s cake with cream cheese icing, there’s no rule saying it has to be those flavors! Many groom’s cakes are chocolate, but the sky is truly the limit when it comes to flavor. We’ve seen groom’s cheesecakes!


Groom’s cakes are typically ordered as a surprise, almost as a way of saying “you thought this day was all about me, but here’s something just for you.” There’s no rule about when to serve the groom’s cake, but it is usually brought out right before the couple cuts their actual wedding cake. Since this is such a highly photographed part of the reception, you’ll be able to catch his look of surprise on camera.

Alternatively, it can also be served at the rehearsal dinner. It’s truly up to you, and where you see the cake fitting into your schedule of events.

If this sounds like a tradition you’d like to include in your special day, then give it a try! Your groom will appreciate that you thought about him, and this personal touch will just add to the slew of happy memories you’ll make on your wedding day.