Have you heard that a bride and groom shouldn’t see each other in their wedding day attire until the ceremony? You probably have, but perhaps you don’t know why. You may think that this stems from something romantic, but in fact, it is a piece of age-old superstition!

As it turns out, the superstition arose from a time when arranged marriages were much more popular than they are today. For very old-fashioned arranged marriages, the bride and groom didn’t get to meet or even know what the other looked like until their wedding day.

Perhaps the most unromantic thing about the superstition: it arose from a problem where brides and grooms would call off their wedding if they were allowed to see the other before the day of! If one didn’t like the others’ looks, this was often reason enough to call it off! However, this had bigger consequences than lost time and hurt feelings—it was also hugely dishonorable for both of the families involved in the marriage.

Nowadays, couples follow this superstition, but with a modern twist. The “First Look” is a chance for the bride and groom to see each other in a private setting before the bride walks down the aisle. This is often a very emotional event, and some couples want to have their photographers get intimate photos of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time. And in most cases, the bride and groom are already fairly well acquainted, so there’s little chance of calling off the wedding based on looks!

Even though the tradition has superstitious roots, it has made way for some very emotional and awesome memories for many couples. If you think that the first look is right for you, chances are, you won’t regret including this heartwarming tradition on your big day.