Everyone can feel when that time of year is coming—wedding season. Perhaps it’s the allergies that accompany the spring season, or maybe it’s the smell of save-the-dates in the air, but springtime is the season for marriage!

There are a million reasons to love the springtime, but weddings are our favorite. Here’s why we love spring weddings so much!


When you think of springtime, you likely think of gorgeous pastel colors. Some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring are light yellows and pinks, so it’s no surprise that these pastel palettes are often seen in spring weddings. While there aren’t any laws saying what colors are appropriate for each time of year, pastels just make sense in early spring.


At this time of year, many different flowers are coming into bloom. This means that you’ll have the widest selection of flowers to choose for your bouquet and floral arrangements. However, in addition to increasing your choices for décor, you’ll have a greater selection of backdrops for your photos! Many couples decide to use natural places for their engagement and wedding photo shoots. With so many beautiful flowers blooming in the spring, you’ll have much more naturally colorful photos to enjoy for years to come.


While the spring is known for having many rain showers, it’s also known for awesome, comfortable outdoor weather! You’ve been cooped up in your home or bundled in coats and scarves all winter, and now that it’s spring, you can finally go outside and enjoy the sunshine without wearing a jacket! That means you’ll be able to wear your favorite sleeveless cocktail dress, and you won’t have to cover it up with a warm shawl or wrap—you’ll be able to attend that outdoor spring wedding without worrying about catching a chill.


Speaking of the winter blues, staying indoors, and bundling up, what better way to celebrate the nice weather than a wedding? Weddings are always a joyous celebration, and there’s no better time to celebrate than coming out of the cold and dark months of winter!

There are so many reasons to love spring weddings! If you’re looking for a florist to create luscious, colorful floral arrangements for your wedding, check out our vendor guide!