Whether you agree or not, your wedding invitations are a big part of your special day. Guests will receive their save-the-dates and invitations months before the actual day, so one could say that this is the very first impression for your wedding day.

In addition to making the first impression for your wedding, your invitation will set the mood for your wedding and ultimately help guests choose what to wear to the event. A casually-designed invitation will imply that your wedding is a casual event, so guests will dress accordingly.

You’ve been meticulously planning each and every aspect of this day, so you’ll want to make sure that it matches your invitations!

There are tons of websites available that will let you use their pre-made design elements to create your wedding invitations. With these websites, you’ll be able to incorporate hundreds of elements and likely come up with something that looks good. But unfortunately, your invitations will look very “cookie cutter” or average. This is inevitable.

With an event as important as your marriage, you’ll want to pay a little bit extra to make sure that your invitations are totally “you!” Working with a local designer will ensure that the invitation represents your special day in a way that makes guests want to attend!

If you don’t have any idea what you’d like your invitation to look like, then Pinterest and Instagram are a great place to start. Even doing an internet search for “local wedding invitation designers” will yield lots of results. From here, you can check out the individual styles of your local designers and contact the one that seems like the best fit.


While the designs you can use on a free “designing” website will look pretty, it will not have the unique feel that working with a designer will give.

When you have invitations printed from a website, you’ll likely have only one or two options for card stock. Designers can incorporate elements such as doily, shimmery paper, or other unique paper elements. We’ve even seen handmade invitations with thread stitching! The sky is truly the limit.

In addition to the unique card base, designers can create unique elements that free sites won’t offer. Want a watercolor painting of your venue, or even a hand-drawn map to help guests arrive in the right place? With the right designer, these are all possible.

Depending on the designer you choose, they may also do custom calligraphy to make each invitation unique, or include elements such as a wax seal! Keep in mind that the outside of the envelope you use to mail your invitation should look cohesive with the design of the contents inside. A designer will ensure that the envelope is gorgeous, and invites the guest to open it.

Amidst the craziness of planning a wedding, we know that it’s hard not to choose the “easy way out,” but you’ll thank yourself when you see the amazing, show-stopping invitations that a designer can custom make for you. Your guests will thank you.

The featured image is provided by The Paper Lab. To see more of the work by this talented designer, go to her website!



Image by The Paper Lab