You’ve been planning your wedding since you were a little girl. In your dreams you would imagine a big, beautiful ballroom with glittering chandeliers and maybe even a red carpet. Your 5-year-old self wanted a wedding that was perfectly styled for YOU.

But now that you’re an adult, you realize that with every fancy decoration comes an even fancier price tag. You don’t need to break your bank to have a beautiful wedding but there are a few things to think about in making your décor look styled and complete.


You have already scouted out the venue for your ceremony and reception. Chances are, you know every corner of the room where you’ll dance the night away with your spouse and guests. You’ve considered how you’ll decorate the tables, and maybe even some of the décor that will adorn the walls (or be placed against the walls if your venue doesn’t allow you to hang decorations.)

But you may not have considered the overhead décor. Sometimes, strings of fairy lights, paper lanterns or drapes can be the difference between standard and styled. While you’re walking around the venue, imagine the ways you can decorate the ceiling above you. Some venue spaces could feel cramped with lots of things hanging from the ceiling and your décor may end up detracting from the overall look. However, many venues could benefit from a bit of extra overhead styling.

Luckily, fairy lights are inexpensive and are VERY versatile. So, if you hang them up and decide you don’t like them, they can easily be moved somewhere else. Ceilings of hanging flowers, intermixed with the lights can create a magical, ethereal experience to any space.


When designing your tables, be sure to look at lots of photos from other weddings! Gather tons of ideas and test out many different styles. There’s no right or wrong way to decorate a table but you’ll want your décor to look intentional. This means choosing linens that match your wedding theme and paying attention to each painstaking detail. Your centerpiece should be beautiful and eye-catching but not so large that guests can’t talk to one another across the table.

And don’t forget about your chairs! For a rustic wedding, plain-looking chairs may be the most styled, cohesive choice. But if your tables are adorned in lace, vibrant bouquets and glitter, your chairs need to match in order to complete the look. You can adorn your chairs with all sorts of chair covers, garland or even floral pieces.


If you’re bored looking at a wall or beam, your guests will be too. You can’t change the permanent features of your venue but you CAN cover them up or accent them!

If your venue has large, unsightly beams scattered throughout the room, cover them up! Tulle is a relatively inexpensive fabric and it comes in many colors. Fairy lights and garland are also a great resource for decorating these areas! Covering up non-matching or jarring surfaces with your chosen wedding colors is the easiest way to transform your venue into the perfectly styled space of your dreams.

If there are large, boring walls that seem to stretch on forever, shake things up a little! Make a backdrop for guests to take photos in front of or have a wall with pictures of your beloved family members. This is your time to get creative and your guests will greatly appreciate every bit of creativity you bring to your wedding.


Remember this basic rule: if you don’t like how it looks, neither will your guests. While planning your Dream Wedding design, go the extra mile to make sure everything looks styled.


Image by Ashley Gerrity Photography