No matter what your Dream Wedding style is, there’s a lot to consider when planning the décor for this special day. Frankly, there are some wedding decoration trends that just DO NOT work for all venues and themes. You’ve definitely seen it—mason jars and burlap as wedding day décor. For a country style barn wedding, this may be a fitting choice. But for your ballroom reception, this choice of fabric will seem very out of place. Simply put, you want to use styling elements that work well with the environment.

Here are some of the most common wedding styling faux pas:


Live goldfish make a fascinating centerpiece for your guests to admire during the reception. For a beach-themed wedding, this colorful little fish can be the perfect fit with your style. However, it is important to remember that these are live animals, and cannot be discarded like other centerpieces after the day of the event. We won’t tell that you absolutely can’t include live goldfish in your décor but should you choose to try it, be sure to set up accommodations for someone to take the fish home after the fact. Or, be prepared to adopt a few new pets. So is all of that really worth it?


Your wedding is not a college party, so don’t decorate it like one! “Funny” red Solo cup champagne and wine glasses are on the rise and believe it or not, couples are including these glasses in their wedding receptions. In addition, we’re seeing “beer-themed” receptions. Listen, ultimately, your wedding can be whatever you want it to be but at least TRY to keep it classy!


You’ll also want to keep your wedding attire classy. You may be considering wearing something other than the traditional white gown and some alternatives are perfectly fine! A short, white cocktail dress may be the best option for some themes and venues. However, if you are considering walking down the aisle in anything other than a dress, try rethinking. If you’re THAT against tradition, why do you need a ceremony in the first place? Also, there are color themes that simply don’t belong on a wedding gown, like strong or vibrant patterns such as camouflage. You should definitely look like a bride and not a survivalist when you walk down the aisle.


When your guests arrive at the reception, they’re expecting a cake. An Internet search can reveal tons of alternatives to the traditional wedding cake. These are sold as “fun” ways to make your reception unique but we strongly suggest that you reconsider ditching the cake altogether. Definitely feel free to incorporate unique style elements into your cake but don’t replace it with a mountain of beef jerky or tasty cakes, no matter how much you love them. Ewww.


You’ve heard of the practical joke where the groomsmen write on the bottom of the groom’s shoes. Usually, these messages consist of something like “help me” or otherwise imply that the groom doesn’t want to get married. Sometimes, these jokes are an intentional design choice by the bride and groom themselves. “Last chance to run,” is also a common one. While many might find this humorous, some guests may find it offensive. When making “funny” signs for your wedding, try your best to ruffle as few feathers as possible…and by that, we mean none.


The Internet is loaded with tons of wedding ideas. As a bride or groom, it’s your job to sort through these and choose the ones that make the most sense for you, your venue and your guest list. Just keep it humane, classy, respectful and more than anything –non-regrettable!





Image by Creative Interpretations Photography