If you’re reading this article, you’re in that exciting phase of planning your dream wedding—imagination.

You’ve been pulling inspiration from all sorts of different places. Your mother wants your colors to be blue and green, your maid of honor has been planning a seaside wedding for you for years and maybe your fiancé wants there to be an appearance by Batman. If anything, you have TOO many ideas.

Luckily, there are tons of places for you to find inspiration and shared ideas that suit what you and your fiancé are looking for in your wedding.

A great to place to start is Pinterest. By simply searching the term “wedding,” hundreds of suggestions show up for everything from table décor to photography.

If you want to look for something more specific, type a phrase like “wedding cakes,” and Pinterest will give you theme ideas, people to follow, and “boards” that other users have created.

You can also refine your search further by adding your theme or wedding colors to it. Keep in mind that many wedding décor rental companies have a wide variety of decoration items in many colors. So if a Pinterest idea seems perfect in every way except the color, you can likely find a way of adapting it to match your wedding.

You’ll have so many design ideas at the tip of your fingers. Now that you know how to use this resource, you can get searching! However, there is also a great way for you to save the ideas that you like the most.

If you have decided to work with a wedding planner, you can make use of this awesome source of inspiration and easily share your ideas with the person who will be helping create your perfect Dream Wedding.

If you find a Pinterest idea that you like, start a wedding board! If you want to keep your board private, there’s an option to make the board secret—this way, you can keep your ideas between you and your wedding planner.

You can choose to save as many or as few ideas as you want but remember that the more you save, the more your wedding planner has to work with!

So, you’re set. With such a vast amount of ideas in front of you, it’s okay if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. To help you prioritize and keep track of what you need, we’ve put together a checklist at the end of this article. Use this checklist to create boards for each category and stay organized on Pinterest. Your wedding will be gorgeous. Now, go out there and get inspired!


  • Welcome Sign/explanation of seating
  • Aisle markers and runner
  • Ceremony arch and backdrop
  • Program
  • Exit toss
  • Guestbook
  • Seating chart
  • Name cards
  • Table centerpiece
  • Table linens
  • Table favors
  • Sweetheart table décor’
  • Desserts table décor
  • Cake stand
  • Wedding cake
  • Cocktails/drink list for the bar
  • Bar/DJ/vendor table cloths
  • Decorative lighting
  • Overhead/room décor

Image by Creative Interpretations Photography