Even though you are likely stressing over individual details for your wedding, your guests won’t remember every detail after-the-fact. However, one memory that they’ll hold on to was how your wedding reception TASTED.

Yes, we know this sounds strange, but we’re generally referring to the food and drink that you serve during the evening. You’ve probably already decided what type of food you’d like to have served, but have you decided on a signature cocktail?

Signature cocktails are a fun idea, and will give guests more options when it comes to the beverages they drink, as well as ensuring that your own favorite drinks are available on your wedding day.

When it comes to choosing a signature cocktail, there are a couple of things to take into account. Keep reading for our tips to cocktail success!


A signature cocktail is just another way to customize your day in ways that are meaningful to both you and your partner. If a particular drink or ingredient is special to you two, then consider including it in your drink! By all means, if you bonded over Moscow mules, then that’s a fantastic idea for your signature cocktail. Or if you both love the taste of lime, maybe consider a margarita.


Comprising your cocktails out of familiar ingredients will ensure that they are not only recognized and enjoyed by guests, but can save you some money as well. If you’d like your cocktail to be super unique, the bartender will probably have to bring in different ingredients that they don’t already have included in their setup. This will ultimately cost more.

If you’d like to add a unique twist to a standard cocktail, that’s fine! Just be sure to pick flavors that work well together, as well as ingredients that are affordable.


Naming your signature cocktail is a cute way to make even your menu special and custom to you and your partner. Plus, guests will be reading and ordering your cocktail with the special name all night—which is sure to bring some smiles to their faces.

An important thing to remember when renaming your cocktail with your personal name—be sure to include the ingredients on the bar menu. That way, guests will still know what a drink is, even though you’ve decided to call it something else.


There are a million different ways you can name your signature cocktail. You may have already experienced the fun of coming up with a unique wedding hashtag, and this may feel very similar.

If you’re having a difficult time coming up with something cute and catchy, definitely try pulling from your reserves of happy memories with your partner! Name it after something that means a lot to both of you. Where you first met, the name of your beloved pet, and the town or street where you live are all great ideas. If you’re still stuck, then it’s time to consult your creative friends and family. You’ll be fine!

Don’t feel pressured to provide a signature cocktail at your reception. It is a wonderful way to mix things up for your guests (literally!) but is by no means a necessity for your wedding. We just want you to know as much as we can provide so that you know what’s possible for your Dream Wedding. Happy planning!