Even if you’re an optimist, we’re sure you can imagine at least a hundred ways your wedding could go wrong. Your vendors could play hooky, your venue could flood the night before your day, heck, your gown could catch on fire! There are many things that could throw a wrench into your wedding day but perhaps having a couple hundred bored guests would be the worst of them!

Just imagine, you’ve been dancing and enjoying your reception and all of a sudden you notice a sparse dance floor around you. If this happens, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself…because come on! You know the importance of entertainment the day of your wedding! Here are a few things to consider when deciding how you’ll throw the party that everyone will be talking about every time you two enter a room from that day, forward.


Can you imagine a wedding reception without any music? Of course you can’t! We’re used to having a musical background at any reception or gathering and not having it can often feel awkward or strange.

Even if you don’t intend to do any of the traditional wedding dances, you’ll NEED a DJ or live band. Most DJs will meet with you to make a playlist or get a general idea of the music you want played. So if you don’t want your music choices to be the focus of your reception, the DJ can make a playlist of non-intrusive music.

Live bands are another great option for music, especially if you want a more personal experience. Unlike a DJ, guests won’t always be able to make requests. It’s impossible to make everyone happy with your choice of band genre but it’s definitely better than silence and lead singers are often really good at improvising to coax a slow-moving crowd onto the dance floor, where they always enjoy themselves once they get there.


Many couples are booking photo booths for their receptions. This is a fun activity for guests to partake in when there isn’t an important event taking place. It’s also a great connecting activity. People will make new friends quickly once they are crammed into a booth with strangers enough times.

Other ways you can incorporate photos into your entertainment would be to encourage guests to use a unique hashtag for your wedding day when posting their selfies or photos taken on your day. This way, you can search through them on Instagram or Facebook, after the fact.

You can also place a self-designed backdrop, along with fun props (such as masks) somewhere in the venue space and encourage that your guests take photos in front of it.


Games are a fun way to shake things up at your reception. There are lots of “newlywed” games (such as trivia about each of you as well as both of you as a couple) that you and your spouse can play in front of the guests. These are funny and entertaining and are a great way to keep everyone interested. Google some ideas and you’ll come up with more games than you have time to play!

You can also come up with games to play with the whole room of guests! They can be played at a special point in the reception, or you can have your guests play all night. There are tons of awesome ideas online and many of them are relatively easy to prepare for your reception!

Also, if you’re having an outdoor reception, consider having yard games such as corn hole or croquet set up with signs for guests to chat and mingle around while they play.


No matter what you decide to include in your special day, it’s important to make sure that your guests are having fun. You’ve been planning this day for years—of course you’ll enjoy it.

But also think about the enjoyment of your guests! You’re going to have a GREAT night, and so should they.



Image by Elvira Mary Videographers