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We’ve all heard the news. The novel coronavirus (or COVID-19) is causing events to cancel worldwide, including weddings. The CDC has officially recommended the cancellation of weddings in the United States for eight weeks, or until mid-May (read more here.) So, anxiety is at an all-time high, and it’s adding an extra layer of stress on engaged couples as they’re forced to grapple with the decision of whether or not to postpone their wedding.

To all our readers – we hear you! And we wish we could take all your worries away. Unfortunately, every day, the status of our world is rapidly changing as uncertainty continues to grow. But, what we can do is help you navigate through the next few months of wedding planning. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Postpone, Don’t Cancel

First and foremost, try not to panic. You do have options. And we can help you take the first step by answering the critical question: postpone or cancel? Our answer is a resounding, “Postpone!” if possible, and here’s why.

  • Most, if not all, wedding vendors require a non-refundable deposit to book. However, wedding vendors, now more than ever, are willing to work with you if you need to postpone and will transfer your deposit to a new date.
  • Canceling takes you back to square one and may create a more significant financial burden for you. It might mean a new venue or vendors – each with their own set of necessary security deposits.
    Take a deep breath, be smart, and follow your gut. Your decision is highly personal but also time-sensitive.

Next, Reach Out To Your Vendors

We can’t stress this enough – reach out to your venue first. Venues across the United States are temporarily closing, so it’s essential to know if your venue is closing and when they plan to re-open.

Read through all your contracts and know for sure if you’re going to postpone or cancel. That way, your vendors can help you to the best of their ability.

If you plan to postpone, discuss with your venue a list of possible postponement dates, then reach out to your other vendors to see if they’re available before committing to a new wedding date.

Be prepared to be flexible. And remember – take a deep breath! It’s going to be okay.

The typical wedding has up to 10 vendors or more. That’s a ton of people to keep track of! To help you stay organized, we’ve created a planning guide with helpful prompts to make the entire process go smoother and hopefully alleviate some of your stress. Check out the main tab and different vendor tabs for unique options per vendor.

Click here for a downloadable Excel file

Or click here for a printable PDF file

Remember, we’re all in this together. Trust your team. Reach out to your squad for support. You’re not in this alone.