Wedding Showcases

Dream Weddings attends an average of 15 – 20 wedding shows across Central Pennsylvania every year, including all of the Best Wedding Showcases, which has recently received acclimates from the 2020 Best Ephrata Awards in wedding planning and consultants! We distribute over 6,000 magazines annually to qualified leads, all while promoting our blog and online vendor guide. Wedding shows are the perfect opportunity to get our content in the hands of hundreds of brides, providing you with inspiration and guidance for your big day!

These shows not only provide couples with one-on-one vendor interactions but also a closer look at special events like fashion shows, how to’s, tastings, and demonstrations. Wedding shows are your one-stop-shop for any and everything you need for your Dream Wedding!

Below is a calendar of our 2020 Wedding Show schedule:


January 5 Best Wedding Showcase Harrisburg
January 12 Best Wedding Showcase Lancaster
January 12 Wyndridge Showcase Dallastown
January 19 Melhorn Manor Lancaster
January 26 Best Wedding Showcase York
February 9 Best Wedding Showcase Reading
February 16 Gettysburg Wedding Show Gettysburg
February 23 Best Wedding Showcase Carlisle
March 1 Best Wedding Showcase Harrisburg
August 2 Best Wedding Showcase Reading
August 9 Best Wedding Showcase Lancaster
September 13 Best Wedding Showcase York
September 20 Best Wedding Showcase Harrisburg



  • Wedding Email – Make it easy on yourself and create an email specifically for all of your wedding needs. You can do this when you sign up to attend a wedding showcase. From there on out, you can use it for everything wedding. This way you won’t miss any opportunities by your email sending information to spam, and you can categorize your wedding by vendors. Planning a wedding is already stressful, make it easy on yourself!
  • Do Your Research – Before you even step foot into the wedding show you are attending, scout out some of the vendor booths you want to visit. Check out the expo’s website for a listing of exhibitors and look them up on other platforms where they are showcased. Browse their portfolios and reviews from other real brides and grooms. Make a note of vendors you are interested in so you can hit them first. It is always good to go into wedding shows with an open mind, but it doesn’t hurt to do some research first.
  • Be Comfortable – A wedding show is not a place where you are on display, but the vendors are. Wear what makes you comfortable and definitely put on a set of walking shoes because you will be doing a lot of bobbing and weaving to get from vendor to vendor. While staying comfortable, show a bit of who you are, whether that’s edgy, classic or completely glammed out. This helps exhibitors to understand who you are as a person, so they can get a glimpse as to what your personal style is as it correlates to your wedding.
  • Get There Early – Let’s be honest, with an average of 300 attendees, the showcase can get crowded real fast. Not only will this relieve some stress of your own, but it will also put you at the forefront when the doors finally open. Getting there at a decent time will also allow for less competition when talking to vendors and more time allotted to scope out the showcase itself.
  • Don’t Go Solo – The more, the merrier. Bring your groom to be, your maid of honor, heck, bring the whole bride tribe. The more hands you have in the pot, the better chance you have of covering all your bases. Make it a goal to talk to your partners in crime when attending as to what you see for your wedding, what vendors you have yet to decide on and the style/colors you see for your wedding. Bridal shows can be very overwhelming, but with a group of solid people behind you helping with decisions, carrying samples and swag and keeping you up-to-date on events happening at the show, you’ll be completely set.
  • Bring Your Cards – You will be exchanging contact information with a lot of vendors throughout the day, and the last thing you want to do is repeat yourself. A card with your name, email address, and wedding date will make any visit to a wedding show easier. Not only will you need a card with information on it, but you should also bring your debit or credit cards with you. Bridal shows are your chance to clear up any loose ends. If you see that one veil you’ve been searching for online for the past few months, you better have your credit card information on hand! Make a deposit and an appointment because services go up 20-30%, so why not hold the date and the price? With an average of 15-20 vendors to follow through with wedding production, you will be saving between $3,000- $5,000 just by following that simple rule.
  • Grab A Swag Bag – Always, always, always take the swag bag! Even if the contents inside don’t excite you in the moment, when you go home and have downtime to go through all the samples, documents and information, you might find exactly what you were looking for. Whether it’s inspiration or just the finishing touch to your table set up, your swag bag could hold the missing link to your dream day.
  • Take Notes & Photos – Documenting the day helps you to keep track of what you want, who you want and how to contact them. Yes, vendors give you information and business cards for the business itself, but if you talk to a specific representative, get their info! A vendor’s job is to get you to buy their product, so take as many notes as you can on that product. What you like, what you don’t like, the cost and location of exhibitors outside of the wedding show itself can lend a helping hand as to which one you choose.
  • Have Fun – Though wedding shows are super overwhelming and stressful, go into it with an open mind. This is your opportunity to get all of your planning out of the way in one day. Wedding shows offer a face-to-face with vendors, take full advantage of it. You will never go anywhere else and get this much information all at once, while also talking to the vendors personally. Not only is it a chance to alleviate some stresses of your own, but it’s a chance to grab some cake samples, try some signature cocktails and enjoy yourself.


For more information about Best Wedding Showcase please contact Renee Kopp at (717) 733-5683 Ext. 5 or visit bestweddingshowcase.com